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Campaign shenanigans continue
Sat  Oct 21 2017 12:10PM
In terms of local politics, it’s been a relatively quiet local City Council election. Four candidates are running for two seats up for election on Nov. 7. There’s been some … Find out how to read more online.
Protect home with hurricane shutters
Sat  Oct 21 2017 12:10PM
If you tried to head to the local hardware store to pick up some batteries before Irma hit, you know that the rest of the Suncoast was already there trying … Find out how to read more online.
Candidate has voted against nearly every development petition in office
Sat  Oct 21 2017 12:08PM
Council Member Deborah Anderson, elected three years ago, says she wants to run on her record. She’s proud of the fact that she has voted against every city budget and … Find out how to read more online.
Retired corporate exec says city needs to be run more like a biz
Sat  Oct 21 2017 12:08PM
Charles Newsom made a career as senior management in private equity of turning around billion- dollar companies, making them profitable again, and selling them off. His list of accomplishments reads … Find out how to read more online.
More Local News
Women in Business
Sat  Oct 21 2017 12:08PM
More than 137 people, mostly women, were on hand to see who would receive the highest honors at the fifth annual Venice Gondolier Sun’s Women in Business Awards ceremony last Thursday night at the Venice Art Center. Sun Publisher Glen … Find out how to read more online.

Council candidates differ on airport’s future
Sat  Oct 21 2017 12:08PM
Venice City Council candidates answered questions from the local aviation community Wednesday evening at City Hall. All four candidates running for two seats in the Nov. 7 election aired their support for the Venice Municipal Airport, some more than others. … Find out how to read more online.

Wanting every city text for 1.5 years
Wed  Oct 18 2017 09:20AM
One of the people who successfully sued Venice in 2008 for Sunshine Law and Public Records violations (which cost the city more than $1.5 million) has made an exhaustive public records request that, so far, has amassed $20,000 in attorney … Find out how to read more online.

Cleaning for a reason — cancer treatments
Sat  Oct 21 2017 12:04PM
Mary Borgeson has enough on her plate without having to clean her house, thanks to an organization called Cleaning for a Reason. She has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer since her diagnosis in February. The organization provides two free … Find out how to read more online.

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State, National and World News
Study: Pollution kills 9 million a year, costs $4.6 trillion
Sat  Oct 21 2017 01:19AM
NEW DELHI — Environmental pollution — from filthy air to contaminated water — is killing more people every year than all war and violence in the world. More than smoking, hunger or natural disasters. More than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria … read more.

Q&A on the GOP effort to overhaul the tax system
Sat  Oct 21 2017 01:19AM
WASHINGTON — Divided Republicans in Congress are tackling an ambitious overhaul of the nation’s tax system that would deeply cut levies for corporations and double the standard deduction used by most average Americans. Despite controlling Congress and the White House, … read more.

US stocks end higher
Sat  Oct 21 2017 01:19AM
Wall Street capped a week with no shortage of milestones with a few more Friday. U.S. stocks closed modestly higher, lifting the Standard & Poor’s 500 index to its fifth record close in a row. The Dow Jones industrial average, … read more.

Spacewalking astronaut copes with frayed tether, bad jetpack
Sat  Oct 21 2017 01:19AM
CAPE CANAVERAL — A spacewalking astronaut successfully replaced a blurry camera outside the International Space Station on Friday, but had to contend with a balky jetpack and a frayed safety tether. Both jetpacks and safety ties are crucial for saving … read more.

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